About Artifact 5

Artifact 5 is an independent studio based in Montreal. Artifact 5 creates experiential and emotionally driven games by telling stories through mechanics.

Mohannad Al-Khatib

Creative Director

Mo likes surreal art, winter biking, and his large, mopey dog Jack. He heads up the creative vision for Artifact 5, where he 3D models the creatures from his dreams.

Ramy Daghstani


Ramy likes programming, tinkering with hardware, and making dangerous drinks. He leads the technical side of Artifact 5, and is torn in the eternal unholy struggle between Unity and Unreal.

Samantha Cook


Sam likes spreadsheets, networking cocktails in new cities, and weird types of tea. She heads up operations and production for Artifact 5, where she seeks to convert the world to the cult of Scrum.